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About us

Henry Materials Co. Ltd. is a high-technology company which specialized in R&D and production of cathode precursor materials for Li-ion batteries. Henry set up a R&D center in Shanghai and a plant located in CEDZ, Rudong County, Jiangsu province. It has established good cooperation relationship with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tianjin University, which guaranteed durable technical progresses in iron phosphate and precursors of other cathode materials, and realizing our mission goal of ¡®innovating new material for people¡¯s better life¡¯.
Henry possesses core patent technologies for iron phosphate and high capacity cathode material. A catalytic-crystallization process was developed for iron phosphate that ensure the high stable ration of Fe to P and trace elements of S, Na, K, and N. According to the results from clients, lithium iron phosphate shows high capacity, high rolling density and good performance in low temperature.
The new manufacturing plant was designed to meet the requirements of non-pollution, specification and automation in Rudong chemical industrial park. The production capacities are up to 10000 tons FePO4¡¤2H2O and 7000 tons FePO4 annually.
Henry is always customer focused and devotes to the technology and application of lithium battery with clients.