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Iron Phosphate-PM

1¡¢Product: Iron Phosphate-PM
1.1 Model£ºPM
1.2 Molecular formula: FePO4¡¤2H2O£»
1.3 Molecular weight£º186.2

SEM Photo

2. Features
2.1¡¢ Non aggregates.
2.2¡¢The primary particle is brick shape.
2.3¡¢ Higher compact density and superior performances at low temperature
of LFP with the PM iron phosphate.
2.4¡¢Very stable ratio of Fe to P
2.5¡¢ High purity
2.6¡¢ Better using for electric bus

3. Physical Parameters

4. Chemical Parameters

5. Packing:
25kg/bag, Inner lined with plastic bag, outer with paper bag.